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Have red marks ion face? Are you tired before going to the party? Is your birthmark irritates you every time? Now it’s time to get over from all these problems. You can also get celebs like crystal clear look. Because today we have a list of five amazing color correctors that will help you in correcting flaws of your face.

Back in the day, this is the method that only makeup artists knew about and used to combat dark spots, dullness, tired face and much more. However, this neutralizing technique reached to masses through Instagram and YouTube tutorials.

Major beauty brands are responding to this huge demands of these color correctors that promise to cancel out the flaws of your skin by peach, red, green, purple and yellow creams.

Let’s see which color cream is best fit to which flaw:-

Green- If you have redness anywhere on your face, you can cancel it out using green color corrector. Stuck with a pimple, sunburn, rosacea on your face, green is your go-to color for these issues.

Purple- purple cream color works magically for correcting yellowness on your face. If your face look dull and you want to give a fresh look, then purple is the right color for you.

Pink- have age spots, pigmentation spots, sun spots on face, Pink is the one to resolve your problem. Get rid of pale skin with Pink color corrector.

Yellow- yellow cancel out purple and calms mild redness. If you have dark circles, you can easily hide them with Yellow color corrector.

Red- It is perfect for dark skin to cancel out the stubborn dark circles.

Peach- Peach color corrector corrects blues on your skin, it helps to cover dark spots, bruised skin and under eye circles.


Q-Known as the Pulsed Light Therapy this technology is also a name of cricket tournament and rejuvenates the skin by minimizing age spots. Name the technology device
Author- Simran Bhatnagar
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