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Humour is a key to a good life, which is why I absolutely go gaga over people who can make me laugh. And, there is this new addition in my list, of a guy who went total nuts and made a photo-series that is catching a lot of attention on the Internet.
Comedian Ashley Hesseltine, who is very famous on the social circle and enjoys a great fan following on his Instagram page that goes by the name, 'Bros Being Basic'. Ashley’s strength is that he has great observational skills, that provide him ample space to bring out humour that is unique, quirky and relatable.
In a recent series, he observed all the ‘chic-girls’ and their life on Instagram and he then he went on to impersonate them in the most hilarious way possible. Ashley talked about the reactions he is getting on his work, he said: “The reaction has been nothing but positive, It almost feels more like paying homage to women instead of mocking them. I'm a female and a feminist, so I'm naturally able to create content that's not going to be offensive to women, and on top of that, our awesome female followers are able to laugh at themselves and their own "basic" tendencies.”
Here is his awkwardly hilarious work:-

1). Couldn’t have been hotter!

2). The Beach Babes cruising in the blue waters.

3). And the clichéd ‘pull the hair pose’ is here.

4). Fuck, I am dead laughing!

5). Beauti’fied!

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- Shivam
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