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When Sylvester Stallone took up the fierce and challenging role of Rocky Balboa, he must not have known that he is becoming a part of a legend.
Rocky is one of the most significant franchise in world cinema and Rocky Balboa is the most recognized character ever written, his fame and name in the pop culture arena is just so evident. The franchise teaches us one important thing i.e. never give up no matter how hard it gets because, after a stormy night, there is always a breezy morning.
The movie was written by Sylvester himself and he faced a lot of challenges in his own life, before finally being able to fetch the production money for the film. He had to sell his dog to make his livelihood run until he was struggling for his film to get passed, maybe his real-life struggle transcended in his writing and finally on the screen, which is why the ‘Rocky’ films look so relatable.
The film inspires you to push your limits so that you can attain your full potential. The latest Rocky film titled ‘Creed 2’ was released this year and boy, what a show it had put!
The franchise is full of motivational quotes that can pump that much needed zeal in you, here is a compilation of some of the best ‘Rocky Balboa’ quotes:







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- Shivam
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