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Christmas has just gone and the new year is knocking our doors. You would have received a lot of gifts on the Christmas if you haven't then no need to worry because you yourself can be your biggest Santa Claus adding different spices of happiness in your life.
This is how you can bring happiness in your life without really being dependent on others.
1. Stop living on other dreams
If you really want to be happy and at peace with yourself then do things you must do not what others want, you to do. It is important that you understand what gives you inner satisfaction. A musician will find his soul in music, a painter will find true happiness in his artwork. SO you must be doing things what makes you happy.
2. Never be too much dependent on others
Everyone wants to have that someone special in their life but once you start becoming dependent on others for your happiness you will only feel disappointed. Remember once you depend on yourself for happiness you would be the happiest person on this planet.
3. Never think too much about the results
As the Geeta also says focus on your 'karma' it is important that you plan about your actions/course of action rather than thinking about the results. If you start thinking about the results of your action you will never be able to give your best and thus will remain far away from that real happiness.
4. Look beyond the imperfections
When you start enjoying those little moments of your life without really bothering about the society and keep yourself away from the trap of being perfect you will learn to look beyond the imperfections of your life. This will add a spice of true happiness to your life.
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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