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Thank you Pubg, for finally coming up with the most awaited map since the past few weeks. Vikendi, is not just a map now, it’s a feeling rather which we can’t enjoy in person because we happen to be the vacation-deprived ones. Our dream is to experience that snowfall but our workplace doesn’t really allow us to spend such a cheerful time with nature.

Now that Vikendi, the snow map has come to mobile we’re all in awe with the feeling that we’re actually playing in the snow. Thanks to the ultra-mode graphics. Vikendi basically looks like the amalgamation of two maps Erangel and Miramar. Though the map is smaller than the both, is bigger than Sanhok. It has got some jam-packed hot spots and areas where you achieve plenty of loots as well.

The most distinct feature of the Vikendi map is seen in the footsteps imprinted on the snow which makes you aware that someone has already made its way to the forefront. And even more, the footsteps last for as long as 10 minutes, which can suggest that your enemy is long gone. Therefore, don’t get threatened by the footsteps that way.

Clothes are either the most important or the least important part. Too bright clothes are a completely bad idea as you would come under the sight of the opponent all at once because of being on a white surface. Try looking for white clothes or camouflaging get-ups that blends with the snow surface so that you don’t get spotted soon.

The hot spots of the map are the one where you have to take the attacking position as soon as you land. The hottest areas are mostly Coal Mine, Castle, Villa, Mount Kreznic and Dino Park where enemies actually land along with you like in Pochinki of Erangel and Paradise Resort of Sanhok.

Basically, Vikendi is not that dangerous as it was rumored before, you don’t find it that drudging as Erangel or bombastic as Sanhok. This winter, Vikendi is one major goal for all the Pubg lovers out there.

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