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Let us all agree to the fact that we love makeup. Whether you won’t step out of the house without a sweep of blush and a few strokes of lipsticks. If you are addicted to find makeup solutions on Insta or stalk makeup videos all the time, you are not alone, we too pretty much into it. And this shows that you love doing make perfectly, so we decided to spill the beans on the coolest makeup looks that we picked in the past months of 2018 and reveal their secret in front of you.

Read on and bring in the New Year with these secret tips in your sleeve.

Setting Spray:

Setting spray is the only thing that won’t let your make up melt and keep it in the place. The best trick that we have learnt is to work in layers with your base and keep applying makeup setting spray after each step. It will help in blending everything in seamlessly and also lasts longer,

Facial Oils:

If you want to win with your makeup, then you should start using your foundation along with facial oils. We have picked up this trick from professional makeup artist’s makeup tutorial. Add a few drops of your facial oil to your foundation before applying it. This will give you dewy look and also blends out better, leaving your skin with the prettiest and natural look.

Contour Secret:

I have recently invented my love towards contour part and found it very much useful. So, the trick for this part is- when you contour your nose and rest of the face never do it with the same shade. The hollows of your cheeks, hairline, and your temples should always be contoured using a two tone darker shade than your skin tone, but never use it on nose. ‘Cause for nose one tone darker shade than your skin tone will be best.

Metallic Magic:
As we all know that this year was the year of metallic makeup. You have seen many women wearing metallic lipsticks and eye shadows. But if you don’t have a metallic range in your makeup kit, then don’t worry I have a trick for this too. For making your lips look like metallic, you can put some powder highlighter on your matter lips. This will give your pout a lovely metallic charm.

Author- Simran Bhatnagar
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