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Marriage a universal phenomenon has some unique rituals across the world. There are some jaw-dropping traditions which will keep your mouth open either because of surprise or shock.
1. Egypt
The concept of the wedding ring actually started in the Egyptian Culture where rings represented holiness, unity and peace. Although every culture has its unique rituals, rings represent love, faith and commitment in a relationship. In Egypt, a knot is formed out of their hair, woven together and then worn as a ring.
Bursting firecrackers is a common celebration practice in most of the countries but do you know why firecrackers are bursting in China? Loud firecrackers are bursting at a Chinese wedding to scare off evil spirits. Apart from that in China tea is served by the younger members of a family at a wedding.
It sounds weird but the bride in some cultures of China is expected to cry for one hour every day a month before her wedding. It is done as an expression of joy as the women weep in different tones. Not just that her mother and grandmother also joins her after 10 days.
You know what happens when a wedding gets over in Korea. NO, you really cannot imagine that. After the wedding ceremony gets over friends of the groom remove his socks, tie a rope around his ankles and start beating his feet with fish. Why? To prepare him for his first night as a married man. I really wonder the logic behind the ritual.
4. Malaysia
This wedding ritual in Malaysia will literally leave you dumbstruck and wonder what the hell is actually happening across the world. You know in Malaysia the members of this tribe do not partake in toilet comforts for three solid days before they get married. Why? According to them, this would help to drive away the misfortune from the marriage. Oh wow! Isn't it just amazing?
It is good to have unique traditions and rituals but when the logic behind the ritual is so weird is there really a need of such outdated rituals.
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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