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Isn't it just amazing that we have different ways of celebrating a ritual in so many ways and wedding or marriage is one of such ritual which is performed in so many unique ways across different cultures? The ring ceremony alone has so many cultural difference and significance that you will be just fascinated.
1. Symbolising different meanings across cultures the concept of wedding ring actually started in Egypt. However, Neanderthals used to tie twigs, grass and rushes around the bride’s wrists or ankles.
2. In Egyptian culture, a wedding ring is considered A right to husband's worldly possessions. According to the Roman culture, a wedding ring is considered a key to- unlock the husband's heart. In most of the Asian countries ring or getting engaged is generally related with the seal to legal contact with each other.
3. You would be surprised to know that in some countries like Australia, Botswana, Canada, Egypt, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, the UK, and the US; the ring is worn on the left hand symbolising the connection of heart with the finger.
While in some countries like Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Russia, Serbia and is not considered good to put a ring on the left finger because Left means sinister which has a dark connotation.
In countries like Turkey, Lebanon, and Syria as well as in Romania and Brazil it is worn on the right hand and then placed on left on the wedding day indicating the status of relationship from engaged to married.
4. Also in Britain, only women used to wear a ring before world war 1 and 2. After that, it was worn by men as a remembrance about their partner.
Isn't the reason behind each ritual unique and exciting?
Author-Neha Wadhwa
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