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Whether you are a chai lover of a coffee lover, you can pause your fight to read the story, as it is dedicated to both the community.

The reason that why tea dominate is that- you will find the tea lovers at each place in the majority. If this fact is not enough then I would like to tell you guys that tea is also our National drink. But that doesn’t mean you also have to incline yourself towards tea, it is about the fight between the large majority of people loving chai and only a few people drink coffee.

Over the huge crowd of tea lovers, it is very hard to find out a coffee lover. And the story is about this issue. Actually, it is a big issue for coffee lovers because tea lovers always underestimate them. But it may become laughter for tea lovers. So, let’s start our battle between chai lovers and coffee lovers.

Chai versus Coffee

This is never ending battle, and today I have sympathy for all the coffee lovers as they have to hear so many comments. So let’s see the comments which generally coffee lovers have to hear.

1. Amiro Wale Shock Hai Bhai

OK??? What is this now, like really… if anyone likes to drink coffee and he/she drinks only coffee, does it mean that the person belongs to a Richie Rich family?

2. Tune Kabhi Chai Nhi Pi, Really??

“Yes, No. But it doesn’t mean that I am an Alien” said coffee lover.

3. Chai Votes Win Over Coffee

OK!! It’s true, as in our country the majority is towards tea.

4. Hum To Party Mei Hi Coffee Pite Hai Free Ki

That comment is the most hilarious, and this only a chai lover will say. A coffee lover never ditches his/her coffee. They are faithful towards their drink.

5. "Iski Toh Pakka Skin Khrab Hogi, Coffee Coffee... Hmesha" Said a Chai Lover.

This is not true. Coffee has antioxidants in it and this keeps our body clean. Actually, this is a myth created by chai lovers.

You can also tell us if you also have any comment like this. Vote for chai or coffee and tell us who wins.

Author- Simran Bhatnagar
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