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Art never fails to baffle us; artistic minds can go beyond imagination and literally create gold from trash. And this Japanese artist has just added one more chapter to make the above statement feel true in all sense.
Japanese artist Haruki, acquired immense fame and love on the social media, thanks to his creative skill set. So, what did he do? Well, he skilfully transformed used Japanese snack boxes into realistic figures and boy; the work looks surreal, to say the least.
His artwork has a name in Japanese and it is called “Kiries” or “Kirigami” – the art of paper-cutting. Haruki took this traditional art form and sprinkled it with some spices of pop-culture to create a work that’s nothing but simply alluring.
So, let us all scroll and give our eyes a ‘Kirigami’ treat, shall we?

1). Our favourite snack looks so much cooler when it got hit by the art waves, right?

2). I am yet to get over the fact that this guy made such a fascinating figure using a chocolate wrapper, WOAH!

3). Just when I thought that no castle would be as fascinating as Harry Potter’s, Haruki blew my mind with this, Dayumm Buoyy!

4). When a coffee hater falls in love with the coffee, you know that you have done a splendid job. *sighs*

5). Can someone please get me a ticket to catch this chocolicious plane, LIKE PLEASEEEE?

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- Shivam
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