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Anand L Rai and Shah Rukh Khan’s ambitious project ‘ZERO’ failed miserably at the box office, the film got panned heavily for its lackluster storyline and uninspiring direction. However, Katrina Kaif’s portrayal of Babita Kumari won applauds from everyone; in fact, she was the only saving grace in the otherwise dull film.

Babita’s character was one that had many layers and the actor needed to project a lot of emotions, all at once, and Katrina did a fab job in bringing the no-fuck-given alcohol driven superstar alive on screen. Her sassy attitude and intoxicating looks added charm to the character and made it absolutely delightful.

In the film, Katrina was shown as a person who is dealing with an ugly breakup, and as soon as people saw her in that role, they began speculating if it has anything to do with her real-life rapport with ex-beau Ranbir Kapoor. From social media to media reports – the rumours caught a huge fire and became a debatable topic in no time.

Finally, Katrina had to intervene to give a clarification, in an interview she was asked to comment on this case, she replied: “I knew that people are gonna try and connect the dots but I also knew that when they see the film they can't do that because the pitch of that character is so different. The pitch of that character is not me...That's not me. That's not my behaviour." She added, "To me the way she's (Babita) talking (in the film), to me it is outlandish as a person that I am.”

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- Shivam
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