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With the onset of the internet to the invention of inconceivable smartphones, the 21st century has witnessed an era which expands and develops by leaps and bounds. But amongst all this, the television industry also has undergone a major growth from being a gigantic box to look like a thin plate. Let’s have a look at the advancement of the television and its aspects:

5. The 1960s
The United States at this point became really obsessed with space travel. Everything that was sold had a space-age edge, especially televisions. Everyone was just too pretty excited to watch shuttle launches and moon landings. Televisions at this point started becoming portable and quite affordable. This year saw the actually saw the importance of television.

4. The 1970s
The first direct to broadcast satellite television, launched in 1972. 1978 was seen as the last year when black and white consoles were sold. Night-time shows were broadcasted and video games now came to the introduction.

3. The 1980s
Although cable deployed since the ’50s, cable television saw a significant boom during the ’80s. The VCR took the world by storm at this point of time, although it was set in back at the 70s, it took a decade to settle down at homes. People now could watch movies at their homes comfortably and could also record and watch their favorite shows at their own will.

2. The 1990s
The 1990s saw the advent of the technology with the invention of the internet. Broadcast and information technology were just a button away now. Televisions started becoming modish and nearly every household owned one as it's almost become a necessity at this point in time.

1. The 2000s
The era of the plasmas and LCD’s got in. Television by now became way stylish and in vogue with new companies owning new names. Various channels were introduced taken into account all the age groups. Better picture, larger space and a quick control via remotes were the advantages.

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