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Many a times we look at some other person’s phone, and think whoa what an amazing phone it is and want to have a phone like that. Well, we can’t always have a phone as such as it depends upon our budget. As we know that the UI and the features of a phone makes it much more attractive than the body of the phone so until we can afford a premium phone like that, we can make the phone look and feel like the best one in the market.

Here we would be giving the details as how to make your phone look like the Google Pixel 3.• At first you need to download the Nova Launcher from the playstore. This is the free version of the app; the premium version has some additional features but they are not required here.

Set Nova Launcher as the default launcher of the phone.

Now as the app launches do the preset as below:

▪ Select Immersive in the app drawer style
▪ Select Swipe Up in the app drawer action

The preset is done.

As we can see there are no labels below the apps so the next step would be to make it look like that with the icon and widget alignment, and we also have to hide the page indicator.

• Long press on the home screen of the launcher, go to settings that will take you to the launcher settings, and set the desktop settings as mentioned below.

▪ Desktop > Icon Layout > Turn off Label
▪ Desktop > Width Padding and Height Padding > Medium
▪ Desktop > Page Indicator > None

Now go back, and do the dock settings as below.

▪ Dock > Dock Background > Set transparency to 100%

Again go back, long press on the home screen and tap on widgets

▪ Widgets > Quick Search Bar > Set it according to the width
▪ Long press on the search widget, tap Edit, and select the first bar style with the colored google icon.

These are the few steps that would give your phone the UI that it needs to make it much more attractive than it was before. Try it, you won’t regret it.

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