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Whenever someone hears the term- Desert, the first picture comes in their mind is, Dry, Dust and Warm. But deserts not only have these negative points instead they have lots of positive points which will force you to add some of the below deserts in your travel go-to list.

When all over the world, websites and in every travel story you will find mountains, hills, islands, lakes and other tourist attractions, on the other hand the world’s most creative art form is always neglected- the Desert.

A desert is a barren land with little vegetation in it. The land of the desert is usually uninhabited in the comparison to other most of the biomes, due to the hostile environment. While the desert archetype may come to mind as sandy and sweltering, some of the Earth’s deserts extend to the frozen poles of the planet.

Give your glace at those place which were considered previously as extremely difficult or even impossible, but in today’s you can enjoy your trip there.

Namib Desert

It is the oldest desert on planet, which at the age of 43 million years and it is located on the costs of South Africa. A diverse set of animals lives in the desert which you can’t find nowhere else on Earth.

Black Rock Desert

This Black Rock Desert is found on the land of Nevada, and is the most famous for being the site of Burning Man, an annual event which run on the land for the whole week. The event sees the construction of the Black Rock City. You will get the chance to see lava beds and alkali flats.

Atacama Desert

The Atacama Desert is reckoned the driest non-polar desert of the world. A plateu spanning Peru, Argentina, Bolivia and Chile, its length is calculated as 600 miles and has circumscribes as area over 40,000 square miles.

Gobi Desert

The desert is the parts of the China and Mongolia, once it had some of the notable cities along Silk Roads. The Gobi Desert is believed to be the home of red worm that are two-five feet in length. According to natives these worms can spew acid to kill their prey.

Author- Simran Bhatnagar
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