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Pictures speak a thousand words, and pictures are meant to evoke a plethora of thoughts and feelings. Some are meant to evoke happiness while the others would appear tear-jerking. We’ve got you few of those happy as well as poignant pictures that actually needs no caption or rather no interpretation. A glance of it is enough to express its very significance.

We’ve got you a few of them that might arise several questions in your mind and would stop you for a moment :

1. Parting Ways
It might be the last moment that the couple is getting a glance at each other. Maybe it’s the very last kiss, or maybe it’s the first time that they got to express their feelings for each other at the height of the moment.

2. Has he lost him?
We have no idea as to why the kid is clinging on to the picture of a soldier. Is that his father? Has he lost him? Is he sad or he's just missing the man in the picture? Maybe the toddler can’t really express his grief or joy and that’s why he chose to sit quietly with the picture.

3. The Support System
Probably the picture of his wife! The picture is so poignant that you don’t know whether the soldier is just missing his wife or he’s about to get into a fight where from he has no idea if he’s ever going to return or not and whether he’s ever going to catch his wife ever again.

4. Dedicated
This is what we call sheer dedication. A careless mind and body that doesn’t get affected by the chilled weather outside. Even the snow happens to feel worthless in front of that shirtless. He has won for himself.

5. Love!
A picture so beautiful is less witnessed. Taj Mahal is known as the monument of love. And, any couple who’s in love, the monument is just an inspiration and a symbol of true love.

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