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If you have been in a relationship before and your past experiences have not that been good either or you have been so much in the relationship and then coming out of that relationship was not at all easy for you then it is very likely that even if you like someone then it will be very difficult to be in any relationship because you are so much afraid to even enter into that zone of relationship.
But everyone has to go through this phase but really stopping yourself from entering into the zone or overthinking about it won't really help you much. So here are some of the tips which will help you decide if she is the girl for you.
1. Don't rush into the relationship
It is very important that you build a strong bonding with your partner before really deciding anything. Just spend time with her, know about her because it is crucial that you both have that level of comfort and understanding that you enjoy spending time with each other without really getting bored from each other.
2. Don't act in the relationship
In a relationship a lot of times we become what we are actually not but such a relationship does not work for long so it is important that you do things carefree, you can talk about anything to everything with your partner and if you are not acting and be the real you in the relationship then the level of bonding in the relationship will grow stronger if you are really compatible and you would know if the relationship would work or not.
3.Can spend the rest of your life with her...
Remember that if you feel that you can be with someone for your whole of life then she is the one for you because what really matters in the relationship is the feeling that you can spend all of your life without getting bored and for that, it is important that you have some similar interests. If you like her but don't feel that you can be with her for the rest of your life then just don't much.
So don't overthink in any relationship and just give your time, develop bonding and let time decide your fate.
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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