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If you are someone who has a lot of friends and most of them are party animal, then you must have surely faced this situation at least once in your life and when its new year and you don't have any plans for the day it’s something which is impossible.
A new year is one such time of the year when most of us have some of the other plans and it is very likely that you feel confused how to spend your new year eve.
We all have office friends, college friends, bachpan Ke buddies and very hilarious situations occurs when we cannot deny any one of them. At this point in time, we literally get emotionally tortured with whom to make plans with.
1. Haan tere naye dost jo ban gaye hai hume toh bhul hi gaya hai ab..
2. Haan hmare sath ab party kyo karega.
3. Ab hum toh important hai hi nahi na tere liye.
4. Priorities change ho gayi hai sahi hai..
5. Yaad bhi hai hmare sath last party kab kari thi.
6. Har saal hmare sath party karte lekin iss saal....
So these are some of the emotional dialogues that you must also have heard but don't worry you can convince most of them to be together if it is possible for you otherwise the only option left with you is listening to those dialogues what else you can do...
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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