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I think everyone's idea of romance is different. Everyone has some fantasies which surely they want to live when they are in a relationship. However, if you quite seriously think about love, relationship, feelings there are some common perception about love and the concept of love altogether is really not what it is made to look like...
But is it really love???
1st Common Perception About Love
For most of us if we share some intimate moments in the relationship be it that passionate kiss/hug then we are deeply madly in love with each other. But really??
True love-
That feeling of getting lost in each other without finding the need to have any physical intimacy is what I really think love is. But how many of us really believe in this idea of love.
2nd Common Perception-
In our country mostly a girl expects that his partner would give her surprises, gifts, take her to the date but really?
True love-
Why should only a boy gift his partner and why should always a boy plans some kind of surprise date. Both should be equally sharing things in a relationship.
3rd Common Perception-
We usually connect sex with love but is there any connection between the both?
True Love-
Sex is something very natural but loving someone is altogether different. Love is when you really can understand each other without saying other. Love is care, love is respecting each other.
What we really need to correct our perception about the feeling of love. Difficult it is? Yes, it is... But if you really get this idea of love then it would be the most beautiful experience that you would have in your life.
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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