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I’m sure you must have met a guy who’s not that into you as you are into him. You have tried a lot to get along with him but eventually, it doesn’t work. You fail in all your attempts. Maybe, there’s something wrong in the way you’re doing things to gain his attention. Guys nowadays have somehow become a bit cautious about a woman in their lives. Their choice has altered a lot. They don’t just run after a woman with a sexy bod or a pretty face. There’s more to it.

Learn exactly what his hobbies are. Know more about his likings and preferences in life. Does he like sports, or reading comic books or is he too much into games. No, I’m not saying that you have to learn those things but at least try to talk more about such stuff. It makes him realize that you’re one cool chic who possess the same interest as him. At least he’ll come forward and discuss with you more about things.

Don’t indulge in too much make-up. Yes! You read that right. Guys don’t really give true preference to the girl who overdoes herself. Be simple and go without any such thick layer on your face. They love naturalness and they appreciate it behind as well. A true man would love to see you without your cosmetics. Dress simple yet savvy, he would love to see you look cool and of course with that confidence on your face.

Be the real you, don’t overreact. You should not hide or fake yourself in order to seek his interest. No. that might go wrong in the long run. Don’t text him every time, keep that texting game limited and that’s how there arises a curiosity in his mind as to whether you’re ignoring him. He would text you back to know more and that’s when you know how to play it well!

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