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2018 was a kickass year for the automobile sector, with the launch of super-beasts like convertible versions of Bentley Continental GT and McLaren 720S, the sector bloomed like anything.
And, now 2019 is also going to shine like a bright diamond as the much awaited Porsche Taycan is about to hit and own the roads like a true-blue king.

The exclusive sedan will be Porsche’s first attempt into general-production electrified cars and one cannot help but get a hold of it. The car will be pitted against the very famous Tesla that has been conquering the market since the Model S made its debut.
The mighty machine will come with 600 horsepower and will be able to accelerate to 62mph in less than 3.5 seconds. It will have a range of 250 miles, after charging for like 15- 20 minutes.

While the car is already winning a lot of praise, some die-hard Porsche’ians are saying that an electric Porsche will be lame, dumb and ugly. The makers are receiving a lot of flak on social media for their experimental car but I think it is very wrong to behave like this; change is the need of the hour and we should always be ready to accept and embrace the changes that come our way. And, as far as I believe this electric-model cars scenario will definitely create a good impact.
Oh, and let me just tell you that the car looks super-slick and just like any other Porsche, it can make you go weak in knees with just one damn glance. One look and you will be gone!

We are ready, Porsche, bring it on!
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- Shivam
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