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We recorded so many photos of today and noticed that photographers are now experimenting with their photography. Beside smiling face now they are focusing on creating more impactful shots. Here we have covered most of the things from the new photography era, from experimenting with lights to unfocused pictures to shooting candidly.

So, today we want to continue with that and show you some of the photography tips for adding a little spice to your portraits.

1. Frame your subject

Framing is not a new element in photography, but it is not known by most of us. Through framing your subject, you can actually draw attention to one element of an image with another element of the image.

Framing provides a picture in-depth look and seems that the photographer has done such a hard job.

2. Play with backgrounds

For creating an impactful picture, you can actually play with background. You choose a background with some dramatic or colorful walls or corners. This will really help your subject to stand out. It is a key to the experiment.

3. Angled photography

You can also create an impactful video by holding your camera on an angle. Horizontal and vertical are not the only option, instead, you can actually experiment while shooting. Try to hold your camera on a more diagonal angel this can also inject a little fun to your pictures.

4. Unfocused shots

As photographers always focused to capture sharply focused pictures, but in today’s experimental photography there is a twist. You can focus on the elements for example bubbles and can blur the subject. This will be a new element into your photography.

5. Introduce moment

Photos are still- but what if you add some movement into them? This can be achieved by-

• Making your subject moved
• By keeping your subject still and adding some element in the scene around them.
• Or by moving your camera.

Author- Simran Bhatnagar
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