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Ever since the comic books giants Marvel and DC ventured into the movie business, the pop-culture got a boost that was unmatched. The movies took the world by storm smashing many records and creating new as well. The thing that started as an experiment in late ’90s has now taken the roaring form of a phenomenon.
Every year, at least 7-8 superhero flicks are getting released and earning a truck load of money. With each passing day, these superheroes are increasing their family of loyal fanatics. Time and again we have seen fans paying their tribute and showing their love for the superheroes in different ways.
Some artists take art as the medium to express their love for their favourite mighty beings. In a recent case, an artist went guns out to show his art-caliber.
We have always seen superheroes fighting crimes or kicking some whistle-worthy punch lines, right? But have you ever thought what these superhumans must be doing when they are savouring their ‘FREE TIME?’ Well, this artist sure gave a thought about this and created an illustrative series about the same.
Here is what your favourite superheroes are up to when they are not busy smashing asses of gruesome villains:-

#1 Shuri: Princess Of Wakanda

#2 Thor

#3 Wonder Woman (1975-2017)

#4 Iron Spider - Avengers: Infinity War

#5 Aquaman: ( Classic - Justice League Movie )

#6 Iron Man

#7 Mighty Thanos

You can find more of this artist’s exemplary works at
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- Shivam
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