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The Canadian superstar has reigned over our hearts since the very beginning of our life with his rib-tickling comedy and movies that have set a benchmark and which is looked upon as examples of iconic flicks till today and forever. But, very less do we know about the life and struggle of this amazing actor which led him to become a legend in Hollywood. Here are few of the bizarre yet fun facts about the star that you should know:

1. The actor took hold of the lead roles in major productions with Ace Venture: Pet Detective, Dumb and Dumber, The Mask, and Ace Venture: When Nature Calls, and as a supporting role in Batman Forever and as a lead Liar Liar.

2. He won critical acclamation starring in serious roles in The Truman Show and Man on the Moon, each fetching him a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor.

3. He wrote letters to Tupac Shakur when Tupac was a prisoner to help the rapper laugh and keep him in a light-hearted mood while behind bars. Tupac’s favorite star is undoubtedly Jim Carrey.

4. Carrey was picked by legendary comedian Rodney Dangerfield, who signed the young comedian to commence his tour performances.

5. On Inside the Actors Studio, Carrey told about his father as, “a musician who got a “regular job” to support his children.” He further added that when his father lost his job, “everything fell apart.”

6. The actor was forced to quit school when he was 15 years old to support the family. He took up the job as the janitor.

7. He stated that his father helped him develop his acting on stage and would drive him to Toronto to perform stand up. The comedian had his debut at the comedy club Yuk Yuks.

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