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The superhero world is all about Marvel vs DC. Lately, Marvel has been making a lot better movies than DC but the fans of DC are still in love with the darkness. The movies are based on the comics that they started publishing back in the 1930s. For every Marvel character the fans have found a contender in DC, and vice-versa. You must have watched a lot of DC as well as Marvel content but have you ever seen a crossover of the two? The fans always want it to happen but they don’t know that it has already happened!

Marvel and DC united in the year 1996 during the months of April-May to release the limited comics crossover of the two. It starts when the two godly brothers personifying DC and Marvel universe know about each other’s existence. They challenge that the respective superheroes of the universe would fight, and the side that loses would cease to exist. Eleven battles took place between the two universe. We are mentioning the few of the best superhero battles here:
Superman (DC) vs Hulk (Marvel)
Many a punches happened between the two, but with the help of heat-vision Superman won this fight.

Flash (DC) vs Quicksilver (Marvel)
The Flash had more speed, and that made him win here.

Batman (DC) vs Captain America (Marvel)
This fight went for a long time, Captain America lost his balance because of the sewer-flush and the Batarang. Batman helped the unconscious Cap with the drowning so Batman was the clear winner here.

Thor (Marvel) vs Shazam (DC)
Thor won the battle by using his hammer to intercept the lightning bolt that changed Shazam from his alter ego Billy.

The other fights include Spiderman (Marvel) vs Superboy (DC), Wolverine (Marvel) vs Lobo (DC), Aquaman (DC) vs Namor (Marvel), Elektra (Marvel) vs Catwoman (DC), Silver Surfer (Marvel) vs Green Lantern (DC), Storm (Marvel) vs Wonder Woman (DC), Robin (DC) vs Jubilee (Marvel)

Marvel won, but after a few events taking place the Brothers eventually withdraw. They realized they were unique among their own worlds, and the challenge was pointless. We are really hoping that they make a movie on these comics soon.
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- Rajat Priyam
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