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At some point in life, we all have cursed our body for what it is, right? Thank god, with time I got to realize that each shape and size is beautiful in its own way and nothing is more beautiful than to be comfortable in your own skin.
But, there are still many morons who body-shame and demean other people and to tackle such idiotic creatures Brazilian artist Eduardo Santos came up with an artistic method. The illustrator has created a series in which the artist translates plus size girls into beautiful artistic figures to spread positivity.
The artist says: “I've always liked chubby girls and also suffered from the prejudice they felt. I ended up discovering art as a way to show the world that a fat woman is a normal woman, just as beautiful as all the others.”
With his drawings, Santos has come up with the idea of welcoming every human being. His initiative to bring positivity and happiness is getting a lot of praise on social media. He has created artworks that truly celebrate a WOMAN.
Here are some of his truly inspirational and motivational works:-

1).The Pink Charm Never Fails To Amuse

2). Show Me Something More Sassier, I Will Wait!

3). Yellow! Yellow! Beautiful Fellow!

4). Killing It With Her Attitude, Isn’t She?

5). Heads Are Gonna Get Turn, Look At That Woman!

You can see more of this artist’s work by following him on his Insta handle or Facebook page. The social media handles go by the name: edull.ardo
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- Shivam
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