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Twitter has become a place of intellect, and humor. Most of the content that we see on different social media sites come from the twitter world only. The instant conversion of the trending topics into humour is what twitteratis are famous for. They notice the small things that we all do in our daily lives, think about it and give it the textual form. The humorous things that we can relate to tickles our funny bones the most. Let us see some of the tweets like that, and have a good laugh.

We always do this in the fear that someone else doesn’t get to our food.
We just don’t get it that what should we set the temperature to, low or high?
Because who wants to waste money on buying dabbas that we already have at our homes.
That according to us is the best way to tell about the beauty of a place.
Because we don’t want our hand to be so salty.
Feel old yet?
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- Rajat Priyam
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