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Rahul Gandhi or the Pappu of India is the biggest 21st-century victim in the political arena. Every time he puts a finger on Narendra Modi he himself gets trapped in that and to no surprise once again he has landed himself in that land.
He recently tweeted 4 questions where he wished to bring Modi on board to face the questions on the Rafale deal but He skipped the 3rd question, later giving the clarification that he intentionally skipped that question because the speaker did not want to discuss on that and as usual, this is how things turned for him.
1. That moment when you have to attempt fewer questions than the required number in an examination.
2. That situation when a teacher has to give an exam instead of the student.
3. That feeling when the teacher is confused which questions to put in an exam.
4. That moment when the victim becomes the culprit.
When it comes to Rahul Gandhi people automatically gets sarcastic because who can actually miss this chance... I definitely did not want to...
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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