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Parenting isn't as easy as we may think and the way a child is bought up totally depends on the parenting culture. At times you may not like certain things the way they are and you may also feel that life sucks when you see the cultures of different countries. But wait, you need to know about some of the strange cultural practices which make you cry WTF!
1.Vietnam and Italy
In countries like Vietnam and Italy, it is common that children drink wine along with their parents. In Croatia, parents are giving over 7 per cent of their first graders alcohol more than 6 times a month.
In Japan students clean, mop, sweep the classrooms and washrooms of their school.
3. Norway
In Norway, it is a common practice for the babies to nap outside so that they can adapt to the outside environment.
In Chile, if some stranger offers candy to a kid and parents refuse to accept that if the child is willing to take it they would find themselves in chaos because giving candies is considered as an affectionate gesture.
5. In Mexico, schools are very involved in a child’s grooming habits. It is not uncommon for parents to receive notes home from school if their children are not sufficiently combed.
It may sound strange but this how things are. So remember one thing life and things are not as they may seem...
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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