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The physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of a child into an adult has different meanings and practices in different parts of the world. We present you some of the important parenting cultures are actually practised in 3 countries and how the culture plays an important role in how a child is reared.
1. China
-With diapers still being the luxurious and expensive items, infants are made to wear 'split pants' which makes it so easy to pee wherever they are. They are fully potty-trained by the age of 2.
-In China, infants are not allowed to move barefoot never ever.
-The term Chiao-yang is a common term used in rearing where proper development of character and formal education are major concerns of parents.
-Parents teach their kids the necessary skills as soon as possible unlike in U.S.A where parents wait for them to show some initiative.
2. Africa
- In some parts of Africa extended families and non-relatives also share the responsibility of rearing the child.
- It is common that women are sharing breast milk in countries like Kenya.
- It is very rare to actually see a Kenyan baby properly because he is always covered fully in the blanket.
-A study in Germany shows that when an infant cries it is ignored one in three times.
-It is common for a 5-year-olds to use matches with firefighters and learning the art of building “happy fires” that are non-destructive and relatively safe.
-It is common for German parents to allow their infants to sleep in strollers outside a restaurant
It seems surprising that how parenting is actually performed when the final goal is the same...
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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