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After so much failed attempts that we make every day to meet our friends that day when we finally are able to meet our friends it feels like achieving something very important in life.
That endless chats and continuous blabber with so much to tell, so much to know, so much to express, the meeting when your best friend is something which cannot be put into words but one thing is for sure which is nostalgia connected with that meet.
Here are some of the things/talks that happen when you meet your buddy after so long...
1. One thing that we definitely ask about is the current relationship status. So did u like someone in the office is the question we ask our buddies because I think it is one of the quintessential parts of our friends' life that we are interested in and it is our basic right to know.
2. The nostalgia and remembrance about the good old times and reliving those mischevious moments is the best thing that happens when we meet our friends and when it comes to meeting the best friend it is definitely very special.
3. When we don't meet anyone for a long time it is very likely that things would change but I think that when nothing gets changed in the relationship and you can share, talk from anything to everything with that level of comfort than the level of happiness is extreme.
4. From discussing the teachers and what is happening in the lives of our other friends is one of the most amazing things to talk about and time really falls short when we start discussing the same.
So if you are not able to meet some of your old friends then don't wait much and take out time for them from your busy schedules because....
"Happiness is meeting the old friend and the feeling that nothing has changed".
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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