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When it comes to pets, the first animal that comes in our mind is the dog. We have been living with them, playing with them, and they have become a part of our lives. We give our dogs the tag of loyalty, and feel that even humans are not that loyal. But the friendly behavior of animals is not limited to dogs, there is another animal out there who is more friendly than dogs. Let’s check out the animal who we can be best friends with.

Capybara is the largest rodent in the world, and is found in South America near to water bodies. This semi-aquatic mammal is considered to be the friendliest animal in the entire world. They weigh around 35-65 kg, and are 1.6 ft. to 2 ft. in height. From the physical body the rodent looks a bit scary, but it’s nature is nothing like that. They are herbivores, and all they need is grass to gaze and water to drink.

They are so friendly that even if a bird sits on their back, they let them sit and give a ride for as far as possible, they can run at a maximum speed of 35 kmph. They are stunning swimmers, and can even sleep under water. For communicating the rodents have a number of ways to express like they bark, purr, cackle, whistle, squeal, whine, grunt and even chatter their teeth.

Not only they have a gentle behavior but they are intelligent as well, but keeping them as pet isn’t that easy as they are habitual to living in large groups. So whenever you plan to pet a Capybara, get a number of Capybaras, a big space, a whole lot of grass, and a water pool probably so that the mammal gets the environment that it needs.
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- Rajat Priyam
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