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Ever since the comic book giant Marvel ventured into the movie business, the pop-culture got a boost that was unmatched. The movies took the world by storm smashing many records and creating new as well. The thing that started as an experiment towards the end of 90’s has now taken the roaring form of a phenomenon.
Time and again, artists have taken their artistic abilities to pay tribute to these marvellous creatures who are entertaining us for so long. In a recent case a photographer and VFX and motion graphics artist who goes by the name - David Cubero started a series in which he imagined what superheroes might be doing in their regular life. He used the toy figures and created exemplary piece of work.
He says: “I love toys and photography and I have been taking pics of my toy collection since 2009. I share my work on Instagram, Facebook, and Flickr with all kind of articulated figures. When I'm not rendering frames I like to imagine what do our heroes do when they are not being heroic or saving somebody, and take pictures of it. I like it so much that I have been doing it for almost 10 years.”
Here are some of his best creations:

1). Can You Please Keep Your Claws To Yourself?

2). The Best Way You Can Use Groot

3). Bucky, The New Metal Arm Has Gotten Enough Power

4). Chilling Like A Pro!

5). And The War Is So On Now!

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- Shivam
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