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I must say that wherever we see, we notice something that is gifted by nature to humans. And for me, this concludes that Earth must be one of the favorite planets of God. Because we have everything, and this is the reason that Earth has people living in it since so long (even we can’t calculate the days). Spices are also like a gift to us, and every cuisine has its own spices and tastes.

Since the spice trade is as old as humanity on the Earth, we cannot reconstruct the natural occurrence of spice plants in all cases. Most of the spices that are mainly used by people are mostly Asian origin (excluding allspice, vanilla, and chile). Globally most of the spices are not only used to arise aroma or taste in the food, but they are used as medicines. Some of the spices like turmeric, Cinnamon, clove, and others. And the spice trade made people discover new lands and more spices.

Let us also start our tour to spices of different places:

Central and Northern Europe
Surprisingly, few spices actually stem from Europe, though many have been imported. The spices that are believed to be European origin are:

-Bear’s garlic
-Blue Fenugreek

Garlic and onion have a strong odor and they are cultivated in Europe. However, because of garlic’s odor, its consumption is considered as a social crime. It is less appreciated especially in North Europe.

On the other hand, hot chilies are less enjoyed in most of the European countries, but it does play some role in South East Europe.

The Mediterranean Region

The region around the area has always been a cultural unity, belonging in the part to Europe, Asia, and Africa. Below spices is the Mediterranean Region origin:


-Garden cress

Asian spices first become so popular in the Age of Hellenism. Later the spices exceed the borders and blossomed in the late days of the Romans.

-Simran Bhatnagar
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