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There are a lot of beautiful offices around the world, and we have also seen plenty of it. But there is a big difference between a beautiful office and an office that doesn’t look like an office but a place to visit for its beauty. We are not going to bring the offices that you see around, but only the ones that astound you. These are the ones that make you think ‘how come they are termed as offices; they look so much like a cool place to hang out!’

Selgas Cano – Madrid
This beautiful office is located in the woods near Madrid, Spain. It’s an architectural office designed by Jose Selgas and Lucia Cano. The office has materials like the fiber-glass and polyester sandwich. In place of working inside a room or hall, it feels like they are working outside in nature and the tress and woods give the feel of the green environment around them.

Selgas Cano
Bumble – Austin, Texas
Bumble is an online company in USA that gives its users the option of finding dates, online friends, and even for pursuing a career. The office of the company has hexagonal wall coverings, and a lifestyle-focused environment. That’s what makes it one of the most beautiful offices around the world.

Inventionland– Pittsburgh
You might not have seen an office like this ever, this is the place where invention takes place. The creativity and the innovation here extends up to building 2000 items per year. The place has race tracks, faux caves, castle, giant robot, pirate ships, and what not. The ‘creationeers’ here, yes the people who work at Inventionland are called creationeers that’s their own term, bring their creativeness to reality at this place.

Inventionland – Pittsburgh
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- Rajat Priyam
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