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The film industry has consistently been dependent on some type of visual effects even in the early years of filmmaking. Whether it was the fake blood in 1965's Battle of the Bulge or the amusing projection of life like creatures- Kong in King Kong (1933). As time progressed, it's no surprise that the amount of special effects being used in films is constantly increasing. Special effects help to bring imagination to life, the things that simply do not exist in our world, or to create a completely unique visual treat like in Sin City or 300. Let's have a look at the evolution of VFX in movies, looking back to the great moments of visual effects that helped to push the art form into what it is today.

The 70s
The 70s saw a great establishment of the science of VFX. It wasn't until 1977 when the first Star Wars was released and finally took a huge turn. Star Wars introduced good advancements in special effects technology, and the sheer amount of effects in the film were bewildering, from aliens to spaceships and planets.

The 80s
The 80s saw a magnificent leap forward in visual effects with movies like Blade Runner, Raiders of the Lost Ark and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. The 80s introduced the first computer-generated images in a movie. Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan was the first film to feature a completely computer-generated scene.

The 90s
If the 80s were the birth of CG in movies, 90s were the explosion. Jurassic Park is one of them. Spielberg had a team of professionals and combined CG with animatronics to create several different mind-blowing sequences that gave a new look into what CG makes possible.

As we're getting closer to where visual effects are today, the significance is constantly increasing by leaps and bounds. Films like The Lord of The Rings took motion capture technology to an al togetherly new level with the creature, Gollum. The Polar Express. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest also pushed motion capture with the award-winning visual effects on Davy Jones. The developments which are taking place is today is clearly visible with the comics coming to life. The superhero movies that have changed our perspective to a new level.

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