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When Whatsapp introduced the ‘Delete the sent message’ feature, netizens went gaga and it proved to be a distinctive step in the social media world but sometimes, we make mistakes that are hell petty like deleting an important message because obviously, we are HUMAN BEINGS – the intelligent creature that makes outrageously foolish mistakes.

In such a scenario, our soul craves to read/revive that message again, what do you do in that case? Any idea? No?
No worries, we have your back. There is this simple method that will help you revive your messages that are sent into oblivion.

The method involves the installation of a third party application that goes by the name Notification History. You can easily find this application on Google Play. Now, here are the steps to use this application:
Step 1: From Google Play Store, download the app called Notification History. Open the app and give it all the asked device permissions.
Step 2: Now, you can go ahead and swiftly check the message that you got as your notification history would have been recorded in the application. However, if there are messages coming in bulk, things can get a little tricky here as you will need to break in deeper to get your desired message.

There is an alternative step as well where you can take help from the Google Drive or iCloud. To read the deleted messages, all that needs to be done is restoring the backup that contains them. However, there is a trick; this method is sender-friendly, if you are a recipient of some message, you will need to pray that the sender has not deleted the message from his/her end, then only you’ll be able to read the desired text.
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- Shivam
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