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We are eagerly waiting for the movies Captain Marvel (Marvel), and Shazam (DC) as both of it are releasing this year in the month of April. The trailers of these 2019 releasing-movies came out last year, and have been appreciated by the audience.

Captain Marvel is the last movie that is releasing before the Avengers: End Game so it would have a lot of theories explained for the next, whereas Shazam is a superhero from DC whose alter ego is a boy Billy Batson who gets his superpowers one day and then starts learning more of his powers with time. But do you know there is a connection between the two? Shazam is Captain Marvel from much before the character came to exist in the Marvel universe, and we are not even kidding!

When you google Captain Marvel you get the results like Captain Marvel (DC) and Captain Marvel (Marvel), how is this possible? Two universe keeping the same name as the other, well here is how. Captain Marvel (now Shazam) was created in the year 1939 by Bill Parker and C. C. Parker, that used to get published in the Fawcett Comics. In 1953, Fawcett stopped publishing the comics, in the mean-time Marvel got the copyright of the name Captain Marvel for Mar-Vell and that is before DC Comics licensed the character in 1972.

So, DC could use the character but as per the copyright law they couldn’t use the name. That’s the time when they planned to name the character Shazam. And the strange fact is that the Mar-vell for whom they didi get the copyright is a male character who is different than the Captain Marvel whom we are going to see in the movie. But as they had the copyright so they could use it anywhere as they wanted to.
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- Rajat Priyam
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