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There are facts which parents cannot really never ever admit but in our society there exist some parenting taboos. Yes, things about which parents cannot speak even if they want to.
The question is why cannot society allow us to speak what we really want to I think I don't really have the answer to this question but I definitely want to share some of the important thoughts which every couple has to go through as and when they decide to have a baby in their life.
When a woman delivers a baby to the moment baby comes to the house a woman has to go through that incredible vacuum in her life when she has no one around. Even in some cultures of India, a woman cannot go anywhere. She feels alone, isolated but she cannot really talk or complain about it to anyone.
Miscarriage is one of the most difficult phases of a women life where she feels like losing a part of herself but she cannot really express her pain, trauma that she has to go through. She is expected to keep quiet and not allowed to put her emotions out because society does not consider it good.
From having a baby to the adulthood of a child a parent has to undergo different changes in life and lives of parents transform a lot during these years of a child. There are times when the parent's index of happiness is not the same as when a baby was born but a parent cannot never ever utter a word about it. They are expected to show that they happy even if they are not.
Yes, it is true that parents too have to adhere to what society expects them to and there are some things about which they can never ever talk about.....
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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