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In this era of social media, where all the people use it to connect with others and share their happy moments. Other than Facebook, Instagram, we have TikTok, Musically and such apps in which people act according to the dialogues.

Today, this has become a fever or like craze for the youngsters and they are taking part in it and leaving everything behind.

After seeing so many videos and judging the interests of many youngsters, we have noted some benefits of it and the disadvantages of it.

So let’s talk about the benefits of TikTok fever:-

It is very helpful for people who are suffering from depression or loneliness. Through this, these people are making their video, enjoying their life, having fun and connecting with others. And when someone appreciates their acting and coordination with the dialogues, it increases their interest in making more videos and brings out their hidden talent.

People who are introverts have found a platform from which they don’t need to face the audience and still can connect with many. TikTok and similar apps are also minimizing the stage fear.

Young talents are using it to act and showing their talent to the world and also developing their interest in social media professions.

Disadvantages of TikTok fever:-
Young kids and teens not giving much attention to their studies because the TikTok has become like an addiction to them. They are not concentrating on their exams and future.

Many people also using the platform for getting fame or for getting popular by posting their nude videos or using it inappropriately. Apart from appreciating someone’s good work, you will find many people on social media who never tired from trolling anyone.

It is upon you now, how you will use this platform.

Which Video from our YouTube Channel has 'TikTok Fever' written in the headline? And which Movie’s Dialogue has been used in the video?

-Simran Bhatnagar
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