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Many have tried building the navigation service but Google Maps is still the best, and none of the other companies are even worth competing. Even Apple, one of the biggest companies has failed miserably trying to compete with their Apple Maps, now people prefer using Google Maps in their iOS devices.

This is one of the most popular services offered by Google and is used by around 154.4 million users. As we know it comes pre-built in the Android system, and is easily accessible. Well, Google Map keeps coming with the updates but the latest one makes the app a lot handier. It always happens like we find a store but do not know whether they will have the things that we need, or the exact location of the store. The new update brings the messaging feature to the app, and it is not the family-friends messaging option here you can chat with the local businesses instead of calling them for the information that you need.

There are times when we cannot make a call, and this makes it easy for us to know anything that we need to know directly from the business owner himself. Not every business has this feature enabled right now, but hope most of them have it soon. The update has not rolled out for all of the phones right now, but it will be available to all soon. You need to have the notifications enabled of the Google Maps to get the message alerts as soon as it is sent. How to get to the messages of a business through Google Maps:

• Open Google Maps
• Tap the hamburger icon (top left corner of the app)
• Tap on messages
• Write the message that you have to send on the chat screen
• Bingo! Have an informational conversation with the business owner
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- Rajat Priyam
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