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Dear new year,
Finally, you have arrived and as it's just the beginning of you I want to make some promises to you because I don't want to hurt you.
Promise 1
We all get so much influenced by the illusionary lives of others on social media but I want to make this promise that I won't get influenced by the seemingly perfect lives rather would concentrate on imperfect life of fine and prove it perfect for me.
Promise 2
I really have not been able to give time to myself. Finding that suitable moment for myself at least once a day is a promise I want to make for myself. Lately, I have ignored myself and things I want in life which definitely needs to be rectified.
Promise 3
There have been certain things in my life which I actually hate but have been devoting my time for that but certainly, I would want to reduce the time span for all such activities.
Promise 4
Accepting the things as they are is one of thing we do but we all need to question things if we want to grow in life because being normal is so boring. Life is fun when you actually question them and make it exciting.
Promise 5
We all like to be in that comfort zone of ours where we are doing things lazily, sometimes satisfied and sometimes not but I guess I need to move beyond that boundaries because life happens outside the comfort zone.
Hope I am able to fulfil all my promises in the coming year and not disappoint you much.
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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