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It is normal to not be normal. It is okay not to do the things which everyone expects from you, At times you can be you, doing those crazy weird things for yourself without much thinking about others and without being ashamed about it.
And if you are such a person you really don't need to over think because you are absolutely okay.
It's okay if you...
1. It is okay if you sleep naked or in shorts in winters
A lot of us really like to sleep in shorts in our cosy blankets because this is who we are and we really need not think what others will think of us if they come to know about it because you really cannot please everyone every time. So don't waste your time doing that.
2. It is okay if you don't like to hang out
There is nothing to be ashamed about if you like to chill out all alone in the house listening loud music and dancing weirdly without really thinking how you dance. You cannot always do things what majority of the people are doing.
3. It is okay if you are weird in certain things
It is not always necessary to be that version of you where you are following etiquettes and rule. You can be you in things you like. A lot of people has this habit of eating in a very weird way and if you are one of such people you really need to be ashamed of. Just enjoy the things which you really like to do.
4. It is okay if you talk straightforward
There is nothing wrong if you really don't think what others will think and just talk in the weirdest way whatever you want to because it is good to be straightforward at least being than fake.
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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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