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When you are working in an organisation it is quite obvious that you have that competitive feeling among your co-workers and there is nothing wrong in that but a lot of times that competitive spirit turns into jealousy which is not at all good for that person as well as for the company.
In such a scenario it is important that co-workers have a good communication otherwise it can lead to misunderstandings hampering the work performance. If such a thing happens to you, you really need to know how to deal with it.
1. Talk immediately
As and when you notice a change in the behaviour of your co-worker you really need to talk to the concerned person immediately because if you delay it can further exacerbate the situation.
2. Don't react
If someone is furious at you, don't react the same way the other person. You need to be patient and know how to deal with the situation otherwise it can complicate the situation.
3. Give time and space
A lot of times the concerned person does not want to talk to you so don't pressurise for the same. You need to give that time and space if they need it.
4. Apologize if needed
A sorry can heal things so if don't ever feel low to apologize but not at the cost of your self-respect. If the other person is insulting, you and not ready to understand don't just plead in front of them.
5. Don't let anyone disrespect you
It is important to talk to the other person but if the other person is just disrespecting you then just ignore them because you really cannot make everyone happy around you.
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