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Marriage no doubt is one of the biggest decisions which every youngster is afraid to take in his life. It is usually seen that couple likes each other but when it comes to commitment about the marriage and being with each other for the rest of their lives they surely fail in that.
They like the person in present but when it comes to having future with that person they find themselves in dilemmas. It clearly indicates the level of bond in the relationship. What they really need to do is spend some quality time with each other and decide if they really want to be with each other.
There is really no hurry or need to make any false commitments or promises to each other because it may bring happiness in the present but such unsure commitments are really not good both of you and would hurt both of you in the near future. So it is advisable that both of them in the relationship very much sure about each other.
Also, it is important to understand this thing that you like the person as a friend or you actually have feelings for them and see as a partner for life. Although a partner is also a friend but mere liking is just not enough for getting married or to be with someone forever.
It is also must that couple clear all of their confusions regarding each other be it age gap, likes, dislikes, about their interests, personalities, family or anything about which they think they need to know because of instead of a breakup after being with each other for long it is important that you know each other well on time so that none of you feels hurt.
Author-Neha Wadhwa
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