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Marriage or shaadi is one of the most important and celebrated events for every Indian family and it is also one of the most discussed topics in the Indian family. The preparations, fantasies and wish list for marriage gets started as soon as the baby is born and it continues till the time when marriage happens
When the children attain that marriage age things really become funny and it is amazing to see those things around you but yes of course if you are not the victim of that.
Right from family to relatives to friends everyone will look at you with the eye of that marriage material. The way they will give you that advice to maintain yourself, to look after your dressing sense, body, the way you carry yourself it seems that your life is no longer your life and it has become an affair for public discussion.
2. All that they talk about is marriage
Whenever you are with them everyone will just talk, discuss, speak about just one thing and that is marriage. From asking about questions like when are you getting married to what are your likes, tastes they will irritate you to the level that may not have ever imagined. If you deny or refuse for getting married they would put another series of questions which will interrogate about your love life and affairs.
3. Everyone will become the matchmaker for you.
You will start feeling that eventually, everyone has become a matchmaker for you. From that dur ke rishtedar suggesting their daughter Rishta to your mother showing some countless photos of girls, everyone will suggest someone for you in that weird ways that would literally find a better option to ignore all those people of your life.
Why can't the society really allow to be at peace and stop pressurising to be in that institution of marriage which carries so many responsibilities with it is a question which I don't have the answer...
Author-Neha Wadhwa
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