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Indian society has stereotypes for everything. These stereotypical stereotypes put pressure on us for fitting into one type of box disallowing that flexibility of having multiple choices in our lives thus limiting to that one box where your creativity is hampered no matter you want it or not.
Parenting too has some of the stereotypes in the Indian Society both for fathers and mothers.
1. When a baby is born it is not the father which is really expected to be with his child no matter how desperately he wants to spend time with him/her. The society expects to go to work and after coming from work he can obviously spend time but a father really cannot take leave from his work and spend time with his baby.
2. A father cannot be really very expressive and possessive for his kids. Why? Because our society expects a father to not let his emotions because he is a male and males cannot be soft-hearted. He has to be harsh, strict, dominating, strong especially when it comes to parenting otherwise what's different between mother and right.
3. It is generally expected that a girl should shares things about her to mothers and it is not considered good to talk about things periods, sex etc with fathers. Not just that parenting, in general, is not that open to discussing certain things like related to adulthood, relationships etc..
Why cannot we really fit into multiple boxes having distinct traits and identities and really not fitting to one particular trait as expected by the stereotypical society...
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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