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From travelling to partying to hanging out to office pressure the 24*7 packaged lives of ours hardly make us think about the most important part of our lives and that is our parents.
Our parents who make small-big compromises or sacrifices I would every day but we never ever realise that leave showing gratitude or warmth for doing so much for us.
Here are some of those everyday little things they do for us without even hinting about it...
1. We kid have this habit of always complaining about the materialistic things in our lives. From not having enough collection of dresses to shoes to bags to accessories we always demand about all such things from our parents till the time we stand on our feet but our parents always tell us a beautiful lie that they have more than enough things but the reality is a bit different. At times they are living on limited pairs of clothes, that are torn but they will never ever complain. You will always find them happy. Parents are someone who finds happiness in every little success of ours.
2. Our parents will hardly share about the problems they are facing or things they are worried about. Not because of the fact that they don't trust you but they don't want to make you upset by discussing their problems. They would pretend like everything is ok in their life but the reality is quite opposite.
3.From not celebrating their birthday to not really expressing about their likes and dislikes our parents will hardly what makes them happy because our parents actually live their lives for us. Our dreams are their dreams, our happiness is their happiness, our life is their life.
So the lives of our parents actually revolve around us but what are we really doing for them? We really need to interrogate this question because it may not seem but it is actually something very important we need to think about...
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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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