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You have been in innumerable relationships, dating guys, players, the confused one, and real men just like me. And based on all those experience, I would like to bring forth how you’d know if this is it and that’s not. No I’m not a relationship expert, but since I have a whole lot of experiences to share, I am taking hold of this opportunity to let you know whether you’re close to catching up with the real one or not.
Here are the types of love you’re going to encounter or have already encountered:

The Mushy Love
Oh, that “love.” The type where you’ll get butterflies and stuff.You of course, know that “first crush” thing when you we’re in school? Lurking in the corridor or waiting for your crush to step out of the classroom just to steal a glance of him. Yeah, that’s all.

The First Love
Your first love is sure to make you daydream about marrying him someday. It will drive you insane, overthinking every little stuff he does for you. He can even make you go to the extent of writing a song or a poem, which you never really thought of doing in life. But all that seems dreamy, eventually turns to be a nightmare when the relationship gets old. And when you break up, you realize that may be it’s not possible for you to love again.

The Great Love
The great love will make you feel like you found the one. This would be the love where you feel home. He will be your best friend, your guardian, your everything. This person can cross mountains just to get to you. Most people don’t encounter this type, but some people do may do. Some, with their second loves.

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