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We all want to be loved. This is a simple part of human aspect.Unfortunately, very few of us (including the one who’re well bred and learned) received any sort of education on the of creating lasting love and intimacy.As a result of our wrong education, most of us mess up our connections and relationships royally.Here are the few mistakes you make that is leading towards a devastation:

Playing Games Are meant to Boost Your Ego
Lying about your emotions, hiding essential thoughts and feelings, manipulating the scenario in order to appear right, these are all games that’ll damage your relationships and destroy intimacy. Admittedly, these plans work, for a while. However, their efficacy is limited to persons with low self-esteem and deep personal stuff meaning that if you successfully “played” a woman, she’s likely not the type of person with whom you would want to continue.

Unrealistic and Unexpressed Expectations Can Make it Impossible For You Find True Love
Expectations are the driving force behind our thoughtful stage of mind. If your expectations are exceeded, you are really high. If your expectations are rightfully met, you of course, be happy. And if your expectations are badly unmet, well, you’re likely to become a ferocious animal inside. The problem that most of us suffer in our relationships is that we don’t have clearly mentioned and well-spoken expectations.

Putting Away Your Power and keeping Your Partner on The Throne
When you establish the thought that you cannot live without your partner and that you must give into all his/her wishes and desires in order to keep things in the right track, you lose your own importance and gravity. When you put your partner right at first in everything, you show that you do not respect yourself, you are not a strong grounded person, and that you cannot take hold of the relationship.

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