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1. Ours was a love marriage. The second day after the wedding was supposed to be our first night together.
Everything went usual that evening. We had dinner and went to our room hoping for a surprise of a decorated bed. But nothing of that sort was done. Just when I thought these things happen only in movies, my mom came with flowers, decorated the bed for next 15 minutes while my wife and I stared at each other trying hard not to laugh. To add to the awkwardness, she lit a small oil lamp and told us to turn it off before we sleep. I was all red. Just before she left the room, she wished us "Good night, have fun!"- Anonymous

2. I was around 13 or 14. Like a typical hyper pre-teen, I was playing around with my father's razor in the bathroom.
I was curious to know how he uses the razor and how cool it would be to shave my beard daily in the future. When I came back to my room and looked in the mirror, I gasped for air to breathe. I actually thought I was hallucinating or looking at a ghost. All of my extended family came to lunch that day. I was hiding my face from her and others by hiding in the terrace. During lunch time, I slowly entered the dining hall looking to avoid people. I sat at the dining table and started eating. All of a sudden, my aunt choked on her food and started shouting at my face. I was the laughing stock for the whole day. -Bharathi Srinivasan

3. This happened when I was 15. I don't like putting my clothes on in the bathroom and change to normal clothes in my bedroom.
Our house had a single common bathroom, which was strategically placed in a way that you have to pass through the living room to get to it. One day I stepped out half naked, and saw a horror like no other! Sitting in the living room was my crush and her mother from the neighborhood. Seeing her, I panicked, slipped and fell on the floor, and my towel came off! The next few seconds seemed to play in slow motion. It felt like an eternity. In my panic to get up, I slipped again. Somehow I got up, took the towel and ran into the room. All this while, I was completely naked. Needless to say, I could never look at my crush again.-Varun Vas

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